There are a variety of services we provide at Aztec Maintenance; all of which have a 100% workmanship guarantee. We do not collect any money upfront and only collect payment once the job is completly done. 

We use top of the line equipment to provide safe work and to meet industry standards in quality. 

Roof Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning Surrey
Siding cleaning Surrey

Roof cleaning can be vital for extending the life of your roof. Moss on a roof is not only  ecstatically displeasing but if left for to long can leave stains on your roof. Pressure washers can damage your roof so we clean every tile by hand and then sweep it into garbage bags. To assure the moss doesnt grow back for 2-5 years we spray your entire roof with a combination blend of moss killer and 30 seconds spray after we have cleaned it.

Gutter cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. If it is not done annually water can overflow behind the gutter, over the front of the gutter or even back into the home. This can be a huge issue and cost a lot of money in the long run. We dont use pressure washers so theres no mess afterwards. We take all the garbage with us and make sure we rinse everything after the main debris is taken.


Dirty Siding can look very ugly and even in some cases lower the property value. When we wash Vinyl Siding every cleaner we use is bio-degradable and safe for the environment. We do not do any power washing to vinyl siding and clean the whole house using soft frabic brushes. Although it takes more time and effort it does a much better job and wont damage the vinyl siding. 

Pressure Washing Vancouver
Power Washing Surrey
Window Washing Vancouver

We have many diffrent variety of lights to set up during this holiday season so its your choice what lights you want set up for your house. For every house sold 12 toys will be donated to Surrey Christmas Bureau to help underprivliged children get gifts this christmas.

Many companies power wash windows, gutters and siding. We do not use our power washers to clean properties due to the risk of damaging the property and not doing an adequate job. We specifically only power wash driveways, decks and fences. We use top of the line ad-ons like the turbo nozzle to do the best jobs.

We use a water fed system that feeds deionized water through a carbon fiber pole. We use industry grade brushes with specially designed bristles to not damage windows. The deionized water leaves a completely streak-free finish. We make sure we wash the frames of the windows as well as the glass.